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Ille Sutt, one of the founding members of Estonian Cultural Society of Chicago , is a committed professional with a background in project management and coordinating cultural events.

Celebrating Estonian Folk Craft & Music on June 16-18

If you admire Estonian national dress, love the artistry and beauty of heirloom quality, enjoy traditional folk dance and village band, come join us for a fun weekend, June 16 – 18 in Chicagoland. At our event, you will meet… Continue Reading →

Chicago Youth Camp 2023

Call out to all cool and slightly crazy kids and teens! You have the chance to become one of the lucky Estonian children to participate in a nature and creativity camp with other Estonian children ja teens. But not just… Continue Reading →

Mother Tongue Days in Chicago

26.-29. maini toimuvad Chicagos Põhja-Ameerika Emakeelepäevad.  Traditsiooniliselt on taolised päevad leidnud aset Euroopas, viimati ehk siis 13. korda märtsis Pariisis. Põhja-Ameerikas lastele ning noortele eesti keelt ning kultuuri vahendavatale organisatsioonidele, mänguringidele, pühapäevakoolidele jt toimuvad taolised päevad teistkordselt. Pea 10 aastat… Continue Reading →

ECSC 5th Year Anniversary

Did you know, Estonian Cultural Society of Chicago is turning 5 years old. We are celebrating this round number with an “ÖED”concert after our Annual Member Meeting on April 22 in Kenosha WI. In our Annual Member Meeting we will… Continue Reading →

Christmas Party With Maltis

Come and celebrate 2022 Christmas with other Estonians with traditional Christmas food and live performers Mait and Mikko Maltis from Estonia on December 10 at the Estonian House. Party starts at 5 pm. Additionally there will be silent auction, games,… Continue Reading →

Henrik Hinrikus & Estonian Restoration of Independence Celebration in Chicago

Independence Restoration Day in Estonia is marked on August 20th each year to celebrate the day in 1991 when Estonia regained the freedom it had lost to the Soviet Union more than five decades earlier. Come and join Chicago Estonians… Continue Reading →

Giving-Tuesday 2021

Giving-Tuesday is a post-Thanksgiving tradition where people across the country get together and give back to their communities. This year Giving-Tuesday falls on Nov. 30, 2021.   Help ECSC by furthering its mission to: promote educational and social interest of American Estonians living… Continue Reading →

2021 Christmas Party on December 4th

Come and celebrate 2021 Christmas with other Estonians at the Estonian Cultural Society of Chicago Christmas Party on December 4th. Live music by Härra Kuu, traditional holiday food and much more. RSVP to Maie (847) 340 5630 as soon as… Continue Reading →

Play “Marriage” by Von Glehn on Screen

Estonian Cultural Society of Chicago will present Nikolai Gogol’s play “Marriage” by Von Glehn Theater troupe on Saturday, October 16th at 6pm CST. Sirje and Tom’s back yard 2415 Colby Dr, McHenry, IL 60050. Bring a lawn chair, warm clothes and/or blanket. Admission is $10 for ECSC members… Continue Reading →

Lecture series of Estonian Folk Costumes

On Spring of 2021, Estonian Cultural Society of Chicago (ECSC) in partnership with NGO Rahvarõivas started to facilitate two-year Lecture series of Estonian Folk Costumes history and craftsmanship “Rahvarõivaste valmistamise kursus”. NGO Rahvarõivas has been teaching the craft of creating traditional Estonian… Continue Reading →

Re-independence Day Picnic in Chicago

Author: Karl Herbert Grabbi About 50 Estonians from Chicago gathered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon on August 22, 2021 in an idyllic park located next to Gages Lake, IL to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Estonia’s re-independence. The grounds of the… Continue Reading →

Estonian Proverb #3

There is no room for two cooks in one kitchen.

There is no room for two cooks in one kitchen.

Summer Solstice “Jaanipäev” 2021

Summer Solstice “Jaanipäev” is one of the the most important days in the Estonian calendar, apart from Christmas. The short summer seasons with long days and brief nights hold special significance for the people of Estonia. In Estonia, Jaanipäev is… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Estonian Restoration of Independence 2020

Estonian Restoration of Independence is celebrated on August 20th as on that day, in 1991 at 11:02 pm local time, the Estonian Supreme Soviet, in agreement with the Estonian Committee, proclaimed Estonian independence from the Soviet Union. Therefor we invite… Continue Reading →

Karl Madis and Carl-Philip Madis concert in Chicago

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. On March 26th at 6:30 PM, Karl Madis and Carl-Philip Madis will be performing at Chicago Estonian House – 14700 Estonian Ln, Riverwoods, IL 60015. Everyone… Continue Reading →

Keiu Telve will be in Chicago

The head of the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom Keiu Telve will be meeting with Chicago Estonians on February 16th. Please, RSVP before February 15th by calling or texting to (248) 890 9120 if you wish to join. Everyone,… Continue Reading →

PBS Documentary Series about Estonia

Shown as the season premier, the three Estonian episodes kicked off the long-running world affairs series This is America & The World. You can find the recordings ThisIsAmericaTV YouTube channel.

Northern Lights by DePaul Community Chorus 11/10

Performances are in DePaul University’s new music building, the Holtschneider Performance Center. Concerts are free, but tickets must be reserved through the Performance Center’s box office. AddressGannon Concert Hall2330 N. Halsted St., Chicago MUSIC FROM POLAND, SCANDINAVIA AND THE BALTICS… Continue Reading →

Master of Our Own Homes

After months of working together on traveling exhibition Master of Our Own Homes, Keiu, Liivika and Andrew finally met in real life. The exhibition was a great success and Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom would like to thank all… Continue Reading →

Traveling Exhibition about Estonia in Chicago 5/31-6/5

“Masters of Our Own Homes: Estonia at 100” — a traveling exhibition for Estonia’s 100th anniversary on display at Daley Plaza from May 31 through June 5. It is one of the largest of its kind, the exhibition first opened… Continue Reading →

Skokie Festival of Cultures 2019

This year Skokie Festival of Cultures will be held on Saturday & Sunday, May 18 & 19, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.Oakton Park , 4701 Oakton St. , Skokie, IL. For Chicago Estonians it will be their second year at… Continue Reading →

Skokie Festival of Cultures 2018

Since its inception in 1991, the Skokie Festival of Cultures has become one of the premier ethnic festivals in Illinois, attracting more than a half-a-million visitors and dozens of cultures

Folk Dance and Culture Day

On June 23rd, 2018, Chicago Estonian House hosts Folk Dance and Culture Day dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Estonian Independence.

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