“Masters of Our Own Homes: Estonia at 100” — a traveling exhibition for Estonia’s 100th anniversary on display at Daley Plaza from May 31 through June 5.

It is one of the largest of its kind, the exhibition first opened on the West Coast at Stanford University, where it was displayed as part of a major Baltic studies conference from June 1-3, 2018. From Stanford, the exhibition traveled to Toronto, then Boston and with stops planned for Chicago and Washington.

Tõnu Tunnel, Tallinn, Estonia

Tõnu Tunnel, Tallinn, Estonia

Keiu Telve, the traveling exhibition project manager, said: “The idea for this kind of traveling exhibition was born in communication with Estonians abroad, in order to make it possible for them to be part of celebrating Estonia’s 100th birthday. The exhibition pavilion not only tells the story of this small country but also gives you a real sense of being in Estonia. The picturesque landscapes, smiling faces of the Estonians, and their stories help to bring the Estonia’s story to life. The exhibition can be seen as a miniature Estonia traveling to audiences who cannot visit Estonia itself,“ said the traveling exhibition project manager Keiu Telve of the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom of Estonia. “Estonian experiences and perseverance are worth to be shared with the world. While Estonia is a small country, it has a story to share that can inspire people all over the world.”

Masters Of Our Homes EV 100

Taavi Tamtik, Toronto, Canada

The traveling exhibition “Masters of our own homes: Estonia at 100” was created by the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom of Estonia and supported by Stanford University Libraries, the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Washington, the Estonian Studies Centre/VEMU: Museum of Estonians Abroad, The Baltic American Society of New England, The Boston Estonian Society, and the Republic of Estonia Government Office Estonia 100 program.


Friday, May 31 3:30PM Start setting up the pavilion
Saturday, June 1 8AM-2PM Continue working on setting up the pavilion
2PM-8PM Open for visitors
7PM Social Hour led by Andrus Viirg discussing Estonian American Business Relations at Ille’s house in Kildeer IL.
If you would like to participate, email estoniansinchicago@gmail.com.
Sunday, June 2 8AM-8PM Open for visitors
12PM Opening Ceremony
Monday, June 3 8AM-8PM Open for visitors
Tuesday, June 4 8AM-8PM Open for visitors
Wednesday, June 5 8AM-12PM Open for visitors
12PM-8PM Taking down the pavilion
Tõnu Tunnel, Tallinn, Estonia

Tõnu Tunnel, Tallinn, Estonia

It was created as a gift for the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, in cooperation with schoolchildren, entrepreneurs, artists, and museums in Estonia and abroad. Together, they have brought to life the story that Estonia would like to share with the world on its 100th birthday.

Memories that last

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