On June 23rd, 2018, Chicago Estonian House hosts Folk Dance and Culture Day dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Estonian Independence.

Event Schedule

Grounds will open at 1 pm and grill at 2 pm
1:30 pm Movie “Touched By Time. The Time To Touch” (in Estonian “Aja puudutus. Puudutuse aeg.”) The 26th Estonian Song Celebration And 19th Dance Celebration.
2 pm Folk Dance Group “GEVI” from Estonia
3 pm Estonian Instrumental Folk Music Ensemble “Tuuletargad”
4 pm Chicago Estonian School and Folk Dance Group “Põhjanael”
5 pm Norwegian Folk Dancers “Leikarringen Heimhug”
6 pm Folk Dance Group “GEVI” from Estonia
7 pm Folk Dance Group “Nordic Folk Dancers”
8 pm Traditional Jaanituli and Viru-Nigula Folk Musicians from Estonia

Meet the Performers

Folk Dance Group GEVI from Estonia

Folk dance group Gevi - Eesti rahvatantsijad Chicagos 2018
The Gevi female folk dance group has been active for 53 years. It was founded by the renowned dance instructor Helju Tori who worked with the group for 50 years. Marju Aul stepped in in as the group leader three years ago. The Gevi dance group has participated at all the National Dance Festivals in Estonia since its inception. It has highly successful at various all-Estonian competitions. Over the years, the group has performed at countless folk culture events locally, and at various locations all across Estonia. It has also represented the Ida-Virumaa region at many festivals internationally.

Leikarringen Heimhug

Leikaringen Heimhug is the oldest existing Scandinavian folk dance group in the Chicago area. The group is one of three original Norwegian “Leikaringens” or “ring dance” societies formed in Chicago. The name Heimhug signifies the yearning for home, a feeling shared and expressed by the Norwegian immigrants who founded the group over 75 years ago.
Leikarringen Heimhug Chicago Folk Dance Group
There are approximately 25 adult members in Leikaringen Heimhug, many of Norwegian descent. The group practices and performs a wide variety of Norwegian and other Scandinavian dances for its own enjoyment and for audiences in the Mid-west.


Estonian instrumental folk music ensemble of Chicago. The name “Tuuletargad” translates as “Wind Wizards”. It derives from both semi-legendary characters in Estonian and Finnish folklore who sold “knots of wind” to becalmed sailors, and to Chicago as the “Windy City”.
Tuuletargad Folk Music ensemble of Chicago Siilikesed

Nordic Folk Dancers

The Nordic Folk Dancers of Chicago have been entertaining audiences for over 40 years. Most of their members are Swedish, Danish or Norwegian background.
Nordic Folk Dancers of Chicago


The meaning of “Põhjanael” is North Star. As North Star shines bright throughout the night, this group of dancers are here to shine and introduce traditional Estonian Folk Dance. Folk Dance and Culture Day will be their first public performance and they will be dancing traditional dances as “Saaremaa Valss” and “Oige ja Vasemba”.
Põhjanael Chicago Rahvatantsu rühm

Viru-Nigula Folk Musicians

Ervin Lember and Hillar Vimberg are folk musicians from Viru-Nigula Parish in West-Viru County, Estonia who have made music together over 20 years. They have performed at many national and international festivals. The group includes two to four musicians who play a wide variety of instruments: accordion, concertina, guitar, mandolin, jauram In addition to Estonian folk music, the program includes other nations’ folk music.
Viru-Nigula Rahvamuusikud Chicagos

Chicago Estonian School Children

The Chicago Estonian School opened its doors on April 9th, 1967 with a mission to offer Estonians living outside of Estonia an enriched curriculum that provided not only the basics of learning the Estonian language, but also subjects and opportunities that introduced Estonian culture and traditions. School meets twice a month on Sundays and has put together a heartwarming performance by its youngest students.
Chicago Estonian School

Exhibition of Estonian Folk Costumes

Showcasing sets of traditional folk costumes from different parts of Estonia.


$20, kids 16 and under free.

Chicago Estoninan House Address

14700 Estonian Ln.
Riverwoods, IL 60015
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Folk Dance and Culture Day in Chicago Estonian House